Events in Windsor

The city of Windsor in Canada is the southernmost inhabited zone in the county and sit on the border with the United States and Detroit.

There is plenty to see and do in this part of the world, ranging from the Red Bull air races to the vibrant casino scene.

Windsor Red Bull Air Races

The Red Bull air races are an exciting Grand Prix of single engine racer aeroplanes that fly around a course demarcated by pylons, almost like a skiing piste. The pilots have to negotiate a course that winds around a chicane and straight riddled course which is designed to test their skills. The Windsor race was held in 2009 and 2010 over the Windsor river which straddles Detroit in the US is due to return soon.


Windsor has one of the biggest sporting arenas in Canada and features plenty of events. You can watch US Football, also known as gridiron, as well as basketball, ice hockey, European football, Lacrosse, concerts and more. The arena fits tens of thousands and it is completely versatile accommodating sports and musical events.

Leamington Tomato Festival

You might not thing it, but this part of the world has a booming tomato industry. Every year, all the who’s who in the agricultural industry descend on Leamington for the tomato festival which brings together the best of the best in the tomato growing industry to display their products and to sell their related products.

LaSalle Strawberry Festival

Red definitely is a theme in this part of the world. If you thought the idea of tomatoes in Canada being out there, you must try the LaSalle Stawberry festival, If a night out on the slots has proved to be too much colour, then you might just want to head here for a reboot.