Casino Niagara Shows

A casino is not a casino without live shows and entertainment. Casino Niagara shows are some of the best.

The Avalon Ball Theatre Spirit of the Dance

It has been seen by 30 million people around the world and has been hailed by critics and audiences alike. One of the best Casino Niagara shows that you will ever see is Spirit of the Dance which is shown at The Avalon Ball Theatre.

It is one of the biggest and most popular dance shows around and it has destroyed attendance records in more than 20 countries. The show has been on the go for 15 years and has won a total of nine international awards, which is the highest number of accolades ever collected by a dance show.

The show features dancers and dances from around the world and it is made up of the unlikely combination of Irish and Latin music. It features folk and fiddle as well as Tango, Salsa and Flamenco. This incredible melting pot of sounds and style of dance will stir up feelings in anyone watching it and it is definitely not to be missed.

The show sells out regularly and if you do plan on watching a Casino Niagara show, they you are advised to book it way in advance. Tickets for the show often sell out quicker than the rooms at the hotel, so you must get in early.

Don Felder

Best known in his role as the lead guitarist for The Eagles, this legend of rock music plays regularly at the Casino Niagara. Don plays some of the material that The Eagles used to play as well as his own solo music.

Live Music

There’s a live band on every night at the Falls, with bands such ass Stone the Radio, Vinyl Flux, Avenue Inn, Madmen, Polyster Groove and Speak Easy playing on different dates.